ktdm2 A big open space with lots of different heights, transporters, and underwater areas.
ktdm3 Two castles separated by a mountain.  This was originally a DM level but now has CTF capability.  
ktdm4 This was supposed to be the coliseum.  But it got too big.  Great for a big DM battle.  Above ground, under ground, dungeons...  
ktdm5 One of the most exciting DM levels I've ever played.  This is a small level that will keep you dancing for hours...                          also set up for CTF!  

This is a kind of wacked out level.  I was trying to learn more about how to use colors and shadows and rotations.  Also is has a bunch of sounds I sampled from my mini Moog (if I can get the zip file right).


This is a massive DM or CTF level.  You are in a huge building with 4 different floor levels, secret passages, water, lava, pool table.  If you can find the BFG without noclipping you're really good.

ktctf1 A medium sized CTF level.  You can see all the way from one flag to the other.  There's a large battle zone in the middle.  There's a hidden BFG in this level too.  
ktctf2 This large CTF level features an awesome power generator modeled after a Star Trek warp core with a simulated reflection off the glass ceiling.  Also has a moving boat, secret areas, lava, poison water, etc.  
ktctf3 This CTF level has a working elevator with a different button to go to each floor.  Also a large battle zone in the center with an awesome glass ceiling and lava below.  It's pretty tough to capture the flag here.