Your armband must be in plain sight around your arm, you cannot attempt to hide it.  If a player is carrying the flag, it must be carried in the open, it cannot be hidden or concealed in any way. If the player is eliminated from play while carrying the flag, he must immediately drop the flag and leave the area saying nothing except "I'm hit"" or "I'm out!". If he says anything else to anyone on his team after being eliminated, all those players hearing him will be out of the game as well.


If you, your marker, your equipment, or anything you are carrying is hit with a paintball, and the resulting "splat"  cannot be covered by a quarter, you are out.


Do not speak or communicate with any of your surviving team-mates, if you do, they will be disqualified. In the case of a simultaneous elimination, both players are out. If you are accidentally tagged by your own team, you are out. If you are about to be tagged at point-blank range, you may surrender. If you surrender, you are out. Once you indicate that you have been eliminated in any way, you are out, regardless of the circumstances.


One long whistle indicates start of game

Two long whistles is the end of the game

Three short whistles repeated means something's wrong - return to the starting area



Always have your mask and goggles firmly in place when on, or near, the playing field.  Barrel plugs must be in place unless the game is in progress.  No velocity adjusting tools allowed on the playing field.  No building fires or triplines.  Do not shoot at wildlife.  Three whistle blasts indicates an emergency.  Immediately cease fire and leave the field with goggles in place.



CTF (Capture the Flag)

The object of the game is to capture your opponent's flag and return it to your own flag station before your opponent does the same to your flag.  You may not remove your own flag from your flag station.  If it is removed by the opposition, and is recovered or captured, you may guard it but it may not be moved by any member of your own team.



A flag is hung half way between the two teams.  The object is to capture the one and only flag and move it to the opposition's flag station.



An area is designated as the jail. It is half way between the two team's starting points. If any player, of any team, is eliminated, he must immediately move to the jail. The paint is then wiped off and he remains in the jail until one of his team mates enters the jail and tags him. Once he is tagged, he is instantly alive, he is able to move, return fire, etc. He must leave the jail immediately. An eliminated player in the jail may call out for a rescue or say anything he wants in this game. The only time a "live" player may enter the jail is specifically to rescue one or more of his own players. No player may purposely shoot into the jail at any time.  Cross-fire through the jail may occur accidentally and players must be cautioned never to remove their goggles, even partially, at any time. The game is won by eliminating the other team, collecting them in the jail, leaving no one to come to the rescue.


One team is placed in an easily defensible area.  They are limited in their movements and must stay in the area of their defense.  They are defending their flag, hanging well within their defensive positions.  In order for the attacking forces to win, they must pull off the flag.  It is not necessary to carry or move the flag, but simply remove it from the holder without being eliminated.



The object is to simply eliminate the other team from play.  There are no flags or flag stations in this game.  Whichever team successfully eliminates the other team completely, wins.



All available players are divided up into a number of smaller squads (3 or 4 is good).  Armbands are not used and squad members must stay with their squads to avoid confusion.  The squads disperse onto the field, and after the starting whistle is blown, squads can engage any other squad.  If a player is eliminated, the rest of the squad continues on without him, and he returns to the neutral area.  The paint is then wiped off and a new squad is formed when there are enough players available. They are then sent out as a new squad.





Everyone gets an envelope with an armband in it but canít open it (see the armband) until the game begins.  The players disperse into the playing field and await the signal to start.  When the whistle blows, you have 1 minute to put on the armband before anyone can move.  Then play regular CTF.





Play like normal CTF except each player is issued a white bag.  When a player gets hit he sits down wherever he is and puts the bag over his gun.  Any player on his own team can bring him back to life by tagging him with his hand.


Play like CTF except each player has only 21 shots.


Play like regular CTF except the object is to move your team's flag to the other team's position.